benefited - to be helped by something or to help someone (skorzystać)


fringe benefit - something that you get because of your job, additional to your pay (dodatkowe korzyści)

child benefit - money received by families from the government to help pay for caring for children (zasiłek na dziecko)

sickness benefit - money paid by the government to someone who cannot work because of an illness (zasiłek chorobowy)


I feel that I have benefited greatly from her advice.

Fringe benefits can include a company car, phone, laptop and health insurance.

I have three children but I don't receive high child benefit from the government.

I was diagnosed with a fatal disease and have started to receive sickness benefit.


seek - try to find or get something (szukać, starać się)
eligible -having the necessary qualities or fulfilling the necessary conditions (kwalifikujący się)
requirements - something you need to do or make necessary (wymóg)
top-of-the-range - extremely good, one of the best (najlepszy)
guidance - help and advice how to do something (doradztwo)
renown - the state of being famous (sławny, renomowany)